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Individual Coaching Services 

Coaching and Consulting Services for Individuals

Executive Functioning Coaching

Targeting and Enhancing Executive Skills

Do you find it difficult to plan, prioritize, start, and/or complete tasks in order to meet your goals? Do you struggle to manage time and stay organized? If so, Executive Functioning Coaching sessions are designed just for you...

ReMind's Executive Functioning Coaching sessions are tailored to support the unique executive abilities of each individual. Sessions are individually designed to specifically target and intentionally develop the functional life skills needed to accomplish all personal and professional goals. 

Brain Training

Intentional Neurological Development

If you have habits you would like to replace, skills you would like to develop, or if you want to understand and improve your reasoning, thinking, and decision making abilities...

ReMind's Brain Training sessions are tailored to support the unique brain differences of each individual. Sessions are designed to increase self-awareness of cognitive abilities while teaching strategies to enhance neuroplasticity, neurological growth, and specific skill acquisition.  

Academic Coaching

Strategies for Academic Success 

If you have been struggling to find academic success...

ReMind's Academic Coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique learning needs of each individual and are designed to develop the specific skills needed for academic success. Sessions can include a specific focus on: planning, organization, time management, scheduling, study strategies, memorization, test taking strategies, supporting learning differences and how to excel at online learning. 

Professional Coaching

Strategies for Professional Success

If you are ready for the next chapter...

ReMind's Professional Coaching services provides individualized professional development, education, training, resources, and support services for individual professionals. Sessions can include an intentional focus on: career development, professional development, career transition, job acquisition, resume building, interviewing skills, brand and website building, as well as, small business creation.

Life Coaching

Guidance, Inspiration, and Initiation

If it is time to determine the next steps...

ReMind's Life Coaching sessions are individually customized to support the unique needs, abilities, and goals of each individual. Sessions can include an intentional focus on: identifying and understanding passions, motivations, values, goals, and desired career path, as well as, how to make the changes to design, create, and live your best life. 

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Executive Skills = Functional Success

Specific executive skills can be targeted for intentional development including: planning, prioritizing, organization, working memory, metacogntion, emotional management, task initiation, response inhibition, mental flexibility, motivation, and goal-directed persistence. Enhancing these specific skills gives one the tools for goal achievement and the assets for personal development.

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