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Family Services 

Family Coaching and Consulting Services

Academic and IEP Support

Enhancing Understanding of Brain Differences, "Disabilities" Testing, and Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

ReMind's family academic and IEP support services provides personal support, as well as, easy to understand summaries of assessments and Individual Educational Plans (IEPs). Individual are broken-down into one page easy-to-read summaries that include: the specific types of neurodiversity, learning differences, strengths, challenges, best learning environment, educational Suggestions, access issues, accommodations, and recommended assistive-technology.

Family Support Services

Supporting Those Who Support Others

ReMind's family services includes resources and support services for the guardians of neurodiverse learners. Supporting young individuals in understanding and negotiating the challenges associated with their unique type of neurological difference can be challenging. It is also common for those who are caregivers to forget to give care to themselves. For these reasons, family Support Services provides a safe space and opportunity to talk about questions, personal beliefs, hopes, challenges, goals, fears, and frustrations; as well as, individual assistance in creating a plan for self care and family support.

Family Executive Team Building

Building an Executive Team for Individual Success

Executive team building sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each family as a whole. During each session, individual success plans are created, initiated, and adapted through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of the family's choice (family members, teachers. service providers, etc.). Together the team constructs group and individual action plans to provide the transitional support required for successful goal acquisition. Through the team approach, as new executive skills are introduced, they are also reinforced by team members easing the transition towards skill acquisition and goal attainment.

Goal Alignment and Attainment

Family Alignment for Group and Individual Success

Remind provides family support services to assist families in improving their connection and alignment as a team. With so many daily activities, tasks, and alternative agendas in a family, it is easy to feel disconnected, loose track of the big picture, as well as, one another. Family goal alignment provides a fun and safe environment to conduct family meetings and to get reconnected and realigned. We assist in team building, identifying family goals, isolating personal goals, and supporting the family and each individual in achieving their personal goals and realizing the valuable and unique asset they provide to the family as a unit.

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Executive Skills = Functional Success

Specific executive skills can be targeted for intentional development including: planning, prioritizing, organization, working memory, metacogntion, emotional management, task initiation, response inhibition, mental flexibility, motivation, and goal-directed persistence. Enhancing these specific skills gives one the tools for goal achievement and the assets for personal development.

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Workshops, Seminars, Educational and Training 

Workshops are uniquely tailored to meet needs of school districts, schools, teachers, neurodiverse students belonging to different age groups, and/or parents with diverse support needs. Workshop and training subjects can include an intentional focus on: executive functioning, brain development, brain training, types of neurodiversity, neuroplasticity, grit, persistence, resilience, growth mindset, learning differences, disabilities, universal design for instruction, best-practices for instruction, assistive technology, online learning, inclusive education, individualized support, individual education plans (IEPs), accommodations and services, RTI targeted skill development, transitional services, as well as, how to acquire the skills for success in college and beyond.

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