Covid 19 Update: Supporting the Transition to Online Learning in a Digital Environment

To address the challenges presented by COVID 19 and our transition to online learning, ReMind Brain Training is now providing digital coaching and consulting services, tailored to support the acquisition of necessary skills for success in a digital environment.


Executive Functioning

Coaching & Consulting


Brain Training for Personal and Professional Success 

ReMind Brain Training provides coaching and consulting services guided by research-based best practices to support intentional neurological development for personal and professional success.

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Targeting and Enhancing

Executive Functioning Skills

Intentional Neurological Development 

Executive functioning skills are the foundation of our thinking, reasoning, and decision making abilities. Throughout our lives, we rely on executive skills for the functional ability to achieve of our desired goals. By intentionally targeting and developing specific executive skills, we also improve our ability to more efficiently and effectively accomplish our personal goals and objectives.


Research-Based Strategies for Success

AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Exploring Individual Brain Differences

Individual coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and their neurological diversity. Each strategy is individually adapted to target and enhance one’s distinct thinking reasoning and judgement, attentional abilities, learning differences, preferences, strengths, challenges, and specific goals for acquisition.


Research-Based Best Practices for Skill Development 

Research-based best practices are used to support the brain's natural ability to reorganize  itself. Unwanted habits are selectively targeted while  new  skills and abilities are introduced to intentionally  form  new neural connections.

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Assistive Technology 

Individualized Adaptive Support 

Assistive technology is selectively chosen and individually adapted to target, enhance, and/or develop specific executive skills; aiding the the achievement of larger goals and objectives. Technology is also used to support distance learning and remote access to both individualized and group services and supports.


Executive Skills = Functional Success


Targeting the Skills for Success at Any Age



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Individual Coaching Services 

ReMind's individual coaching sessions are tailor-made according to personal goals and objectives and can include an intentional focus on:  Executive Coaching, Brain Training, Academic Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Development, and Personal Development

Family Services 

ReMind's family services provides coaching and consulting support for families of neurodiverse children, adolescents and young adults. Resources, strategies and specific skills sets are explicitly taught to further develop a supportive family network that fosters the healthy neurological growth and development of its younger family members.

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Educational Services 

ReMind provides tailor-made educational workshops for school districts, universities, faculty, staff, students, and parents to facilitate an understanding of brain development, neurodiverse learners, IEPs, learning differences, executive functioning abilities, technology, online learning, and research-based best practices for instruction.

Professional Services 

ReMind's executive consulting for businesses and professionals provides strategic analysis and implementation of evidence-based techniques, resources, and assistive-technology to improve management, organization, and efficiency by intentionally and appropriately identifying, utilizing, and developing the neurological diversity of staff.

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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