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ReMind Brain Training provides coaching and consulting services guided by research-based best-practices to support intentional neurological development for personal success.

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The Importance of Executive Skill Development

Executive functioning skills are the foundation of our thinking, reasoning, and decision making abilities. We rely on executive skills to achieve each of our desired goals. By intentionally targeting and enhancing our executive skillset, we also improve our ability to more efficiently and effectively accomplish all of our goals and objectives.

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Executive Skills = Functional Success


Research-Based Strategies for Success

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Individual coaching sessions and strategies are tailored to meet the unique neurological needs of each individual.


Research-based best practices are used to support the brain's natural ability to reorganize.

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Assistive Technology 

Assistive technology is selectively chosen and individually adapted to target, enhance, and/or develop specific executive skills.



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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

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